Generate your package from a ZIP archive containing the WSDL and its schemas

  12 septembre 2013       Cet article a 0 commentaire       De Mikaël DELSOL

We are proudly adding a new feature for everyone on the site. From now, you can generate your package using a ZIP archive instead of only the WSDL file!

Why this feature?

Since the launch of the site, many WSDL have been published to generate a package using one of the three possible methods:

  • the WSDL URI
  • the WSDL file
  • the WSDL textual content

For the two last methods, the limit was that if the WSDL imports/includes (import and include tags) external schemas using a relative URI, it couldn't work as the relative path would lead to our server. One solution would have required that you edit the WSDL meaning that you would have to set the full URI for each schema contained by the WSDL. It's maybe not what you want if you do not want the others to see where the SOAP Web service is located. So there was no real solution to give you the availibility to generate a full package using all the schemas required by the WSDL.

We have the solution! How do you have to proceed?

The solution we imagined is pretty simple. As you have access to the WSDL, you must also have access to the schemas. So why wouldn't you upload all these files at once so the generator can load them all and generate a full package?

We now give the possibility to do so by uploading a ZIP archive, compressed with the extension ".zip" that must follow these simple rules:

  • The WSDL must be contained in the ZIP archive root directory, no subdirectories,
  • The WSDL file must be named exactly "xml.wsdl",
  • All the schemas may be contained by the ZIP archive root directory or by any directory or by any subdirectory according to the relative path noticed by the import and include tags in the WSDL,
  • The paths to the schemas in the WSDL must be relative according to the WSDL current location,
  • The schemas files extension must be ".xsd" or ".xml", any other file will be discarded

When your ZIP archive is ready, upload it as a file by the "Generate from File Upload" tab on the homepage and enjoy the generated package!

Let us know if you encounter any issue using this new feature. Be aware that we monitor this new feature carefully so we will be informed of any error instantly to fix it if required.

If you have any suggestion to make as a new feature to help you enjoy even more the site, feel free to send us feedbacks by the contact form or directly in the comments.