Introducing new feature: package works for me

  10 novembre 2013       Cet article a 0 commentaire       De Mikaël DELSOL

Today we've just added a new feature that allows you tell that the package works for you. To do so, you first need to sign in with your account otherwise you can create an account freely.

As we think you probably used the package you generated, we thought interesting that you can tell everybody else that it works for you. To do so, we added a new button to the package page on the right:

Works for me button - WSDL to php

As you can see, on the EbayShopping package, we indicated that it works for us because we used it to show you how to use it with the source code or even through the web interface.

If it does not work, then don't push the button ;).

We hope you'll like it and that you'll use it as often as you use a new package.

If you have any suggestion of features you'd like to see on the platform, feel free to send it by the contact form.