Online Soap client form fields documented with RELAX NG schema specifications

  24 novembre 2013       Cet article a 0 commentaire       De Mikaël DELSOL

Today we have added meta informations to fields that constitute the form to call a SOAP Web service. Indeed, we found useful to let you know what the value should be and especially when it's related to dates, times and other specific data formats. To fully document the fields, we then decided to add additional information to each field corresponding to a datatype defined by the RELAX NG schema specifications.

Datatypes are numerous among SOAP Web service and remembering all their format isn't always easy. To help you easily find how to fill the fields, we have added:

  • a link on the type name
  • a placeholder in the field to have a basic information about the required data

Here is a view of how it is done:

Soap Client form fields RELAX NG specifications WSDL to php

As you can see, datatypes defined in the RELAX NG specifications have a link placed on their name that leads, in a new browser window/tab, to the current datatype RELAX NG specification page.