Security for everyone and everything, no exception!

  24 août 2013       Cet article a 0 commentaire       De Mikaël DELSOL

Since we are going to launch new features, we wanted to give full security when you navigate through the site. Indeed, we've just enabled the secured connection to your site using a SSL certificate and so on a https access to the site. You should now always navigate through the site using a https connection which is automatic so you should not be able to access via a http connection. If you're on a http connection, maybe you're not on our site...

It has for consequence that when you are on our site, you browser address bar should be like this :


HTTPS - WSDL to php

For everyone

As we are going to provide new features with authentication using login and password, we wanted to be sure that you don't feel unsecure using our site. Since you will have to provide some personal - a very few - informations, it's always better to have a secured connection to the site.

Moreover, now that the SSL certificate is used constantly when you submit a WSDL, an email adress and possibly authentication informations to access the WSDL, all these informations are securely sent to our server.

For everything

We use sub domains to parallelize web ressources loading but it's a requirement that all externals, meaning on other domains than the actual domain you're visiting even sub domains, must use a secure connection with https. In addition to that, we use Google Analytics, Google Charts and AddThis that are now also loaded on https.

Thanks to StartSSL

To set up the SSL Certificate, you first need to buy one of course. To do so, we decided to use the service provided by StartSSL. The whole process have been very fast and easy :).

Let's enjoy secure connection!