Statistics regenerated and enlightened!

  22 août 2013       Cet article a 0 commentaire       De Mikaël DELSOL

We have released new statistics data about the usage of the platform meaning the number of files and folders generated since the beginning and also the number of generated source code lines. To generate these data, we have made a script which browses the generated package root folder using these command lines:

  • find /the_generated_package_root_dir/ -type f -name *.php | wc -l: returns the number of PHP files generated under the /the_generated_package_root_dir/ folder
  • find /the_generated_package_root_dir/ -type d | wc -l: returns the number of folders generated under the /the_generate_packaged_root_dir/ folder
  • find /the_generated_package_root_dir/ -type f -name *.php | xargs wc -l: returns the number of source codes lines within the PHP files generated under the /the_generated_package_root_dir/ folder (to which we subtract the number of opening and ending PHP tag meaning <?php and ?>, yes, we are strict!)

So each time a package is generated, an automated task is executed right after the generation so the generation is not slowed at any time by the execution of these command lines. As we use multiple levels of cache (data cache and webpage cache), the cache is then cleared so when you look to the statistics, you have the last up to date statistics in front of you.

To be more attractive, we have added just a box shadow around them, that is what we call enlightened!

Take a look to the statistics generated until August 22th 2013:

Statistics - 2013/08/22 - WSDL to php

As we speak, we have:

  • generated 4 396 public packages,
  • collected 3 283 WSDLs,
  • generated 253 776 folders,
  • generated 388 581 files,
  • generated 46 136 377 source code lines! We never had this view until now and we're pretty amazed by that :).

Let's hope it'll continue like that and even more.