Subscribe to an account and become invisible

  07 octobre 2013       Cet article a 0 commentaire       De Mikaël DELSOL

As you may know, when you generate a package without being connected with your account, it becomes public. Public means that everybody that comes on the site can:

  • Access to your WSDL: if you submitted the URI, then the URI is visible by anybody and so its content. If your Web service must not be accessible by anybody, then it is...,
  • Access to the package: as for the WSDL, the generated package can be downloaded by anybody. Each generated file can contain information on schemas among the WSDL. Once again, if your WSDL must not be public, its schemas should not either.

So, subscribe to an account and become invisible!

Well, you won't become hollow man but as soon as you are logged in with your account, everything you do is only visible and accessible by you.

Why do I need to create an account?

To make your data personal and private, we need you to be logged in. To do so, you first need to create an account.

Subscribe to an account

To create an account, the process is pretty simple and works like that:

  • Go to the Features & Pricing page to learn what it'll cost you. Briefly, account types are:
    • Free: you don't pay a monthly fee, you purchase credits for features you want to use,
    • Advanced and Premium: you will pay a monthly fee that gives you a certain number of credits each month for each feature,
    • On demand: as it is entitled, we'll adapt a monthly fee according to the number of credits you need each month for each feature,
  • Click on any "Create an account" button that will redirect you to the register page,
  • Fill in all the fields and submit your informations (be sure to indicate the correct email address),
  • Wait for the activation link that is sent to you by email on which you previsouly indicated,
  • Click on the activation link contained by the email that redirects you to the activation page. If the activation is well processed you are automatically logged in.

Use the features privatly

As soon as you subscribe to a monthly plan (Advanced, Premium or On demand) or as soon as you buy credits, you are able to use any feature that is online. Features online are those which are listed in the first table of the Features & Pricing page.

When you are logged in with your account, generating a package then requires less informations.

Indeed, in addition to the WSDL and the package name, usually you are always required to:

  • Indicate your email address,
  • Check the checkbox that stipulates you accept that your WSDL and its package will become public,
  • Finally accept to be charged if you ask to remove it from public view.

As we said, logged in package generations are painless: forget all the previous requirements and just fill in the WSDL, the package name and you're done! Isn't it great?

Have access to the new features

We haven't just released the account thing. We also set up the new core features that will help you work with SOAP Web services. You could either be a senior developer or a web designer or even an online marketer that you would be able to use these new features.


Because you don't need to know anything about programming: you don't have to write even one line of code! If you know how to type on your keyboard and use your mouse to click and scroll then you are highly qualified to use them.

Actual new features are:

  • Execute package: one of the most exciting feature that allows you to call a SOAP Web service from your package with your package. Once again, be reassured, you don't have to write even one line of code, it consist of forms and fields that you just have to fill in. Finally, click on one button and wait for the data do be displayed. Enjoy!
  • Generate the PHP Documentation: from your package for your package, generate the PHP documentation thanks to phpDocumentor and the numerous comment tags that are automaticaly added to the generated files. If you wish to have a sample of the PHP documentation content, have a look to the WsdlToPhp project documentation.
  • Download files one by one (WSDL and PHP): you can download the well formated WSDL we stored from its page by clicking the Download a file - WSDL to php icon. You can also download a PHP file contained by the package not by downloading the whole package but by displaying the file and then click on the Download a file - WSDL to php icon.

It's just the beginning

The new main feature that allows to call any SOAP Web service will become the center of the attention. We will add functionnalities to it so you will be able to do more and more things like :

  • Getting the PHP code that can be used to call the SOAP Web service as you did using the web interface,
  • Save the request and use it later again and again,
  • Create automated tasks as workflows to call the SOAP Web service and get the result where you want how, you want.

Stay tuned!