Use the Web interface to get your OVH nic public info through the OVH SoAPI

  13 octobre 2013       Cet article a 0 commentaire       De Mikaël DELSOL

If you read the first blog post about how to get your PayPal account balance through its SOAP API using the Web interface, then you will certainly understand this one very easily. We may remind you that you must have generated the package with your account if you want to do this as us.

We use the WSDL with the Response As A Generated Class Object operation unchecked.

First step: create a session by login

To create a session, you have to call the login operation on the OVH SOAP API. To do so, load the login operation definition by clicking on the OvhServiceLogin folder then the login operation:

OVH SOAP API login operations - WSDL to php

Fill the following interface with your OVH personal informations:

  • nic: your OVH nic handle
  • password: your OVH password
OVH SOAP API login operation web interface - WSDL to php

Tip: did you notice that the password field is automatically detected as a password so the field is password typed?

Just click Send request to get your session identifier:

OVH SOAP API login operation Requests and Responses - WSDL to php

The session identifier is contained by the OvhStructLoginResponse object return property: ******-ovh-61051a273e8f7a37c7a2bbb1400a4307. Copy this string value to your notepad or anything else to use it after.

Second/last step: get your nic public info

As we did with the login operation, we are going to proceed the same way to get your nic public info using the session identifier passed to the nicPublicInfo operation. Select this operation in the tree:

OVH SOAP API nic operations - WSDL to php

Then fill the two fields:

  • session: the session identifier we copied previously
  • nic: the OVH nic of your account or any OVH nic handle you manage with your account
OVH SOAP API nic operation - WSDL to php

You'll then get this answers:

OVH SOAP API nic operation requests and responses - WSDL to php


Isn't it easy? If you don't find it easy, then let us know by posting any comment you wish. If you have any question too, let us ;).