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  04 mars 2014       Cet article a 0 commentaire       De Mikaël DELSOL

Since the last blog post, more than once month ago, we've been making three main things:

  • improving deeply the WsdlToPhp project, 
  • helping users to achieve their SOAP projects,
  • and paving the way for not anticipated features that will be useful. 

While we were doing these three main things, we also took care of the platform's well being. To do so, we answer to demands coming from platform's registered and unregistered users.

Improve the WsdlToPhp project

We aim to constantly provide a high quality work. To do so, improvement and code review are the best way to achieve it. We heard demands from Github's users, we asked ourselves what has to be done to make the project improve and we made them. Concretely, here is a summarized changelog:

  • Apply PSR-2: we aimed to make both the generator and the generated files compliant to PSR-2. Even if it does not strictly respect the PSR-2 yet, it's only a matter of time. The main changes are:
    • Tabs to 4 spaces
    • Remove trailing ?>
    • Use LF instead of CRLF
    • Last file's line is a LF
  • Add missing SoapClient options
    • wsdl_proxy_host
    • wsdl_proxy_port
    • wsdl_proxy_login
    • wsdl_proxy_password
    • wsdl_local_cert
    • wsdl_passphrase
    • wsdl_authentication
    • wsdl_ssl_method
  • Avoid inheriting from not generated class even if class exists (DateTime for example)
  • Remove unused variables and methods
  • Allow to override the SoapClient class used when the SoapClient object is instantiated within the generated WsdlClass. This allows to not modify the generated package and alter its behavior easily using outside files/classes
  • Handle multiple service declaration with a different declared request body

Help users to achieve their SOAP projects

In addition to providing an helpful all-integrated platform for SOAP requests, we like to help users with their development. The needs can be both very different and similar. In any case, we take time to analyse the goal of the project and the needs of the user.

If you need any help, feel free to ask us. We'll be pleased to spend time on your project so we can make you gain time in:

  • developping the PHP code to send the requests,
  • receiving the response,
  • and finally handling the response.

We have defined hourly rate for our help that you can find on the Features & Pricing page. If you're either a registered user or not, we can help you.

Pave the way for not anticipated features

As a consequence to helping users, we identifie common needs that could be useful to be integrated within the platform. Indeed, the more we develop source codes and addons for users the more we realize that new features could be added to the platform with these developements as principles' foundations.

We won't tell you now exactly what we'll add as new features. But what we can say is that we'll certainly give you a way to alter the behavior of your online package. These behavior's changes will mainly apply when you'll execute your package online using the web interface. Nothing is really done yet but things are moving on and we hope to be able to communicate on them to you as soon as possible.

Finally, some platform's improvements

In any case, thanks to all the registered users that daily use the features, we improve the platform. It allows us to be proved that we were right in our decisions to make these features available online. In parallel we also improve our internal tools and dashboards to detect the improvements we have to make. The improvements are made to delight your experience within the platform. For example, we added errors handling and more comprehensible messages when you generate a package or when an error occurs within the web interface to send requests.

A more specific exemple is that we recently improved the way the PayPal's ErrorCode 10486 is handled when it occurs. This error can occur for multiple reasons (The billing address associated with the financial Instrument could not be confirmed, The transaction exceeds the card limit, The transaction was denied by the card issuer). So now you should be redirected to PayPal in order ot select a new/different payment method. So don't be suprised if you're redirected back to PayPal once you confirmed the payment on the platform, it's totally normal and PayPal should inform you of that.

Thanks for your feedbacks and keep contacting us.