The error id and messages

The Api always returns informations about the response state. To do so, the following keys are present:

  • error_code: 
    • type: integer
    • values: 1, 2, etc.
  • error: 
    • type: boolean
    • values: 1 or 0
  • error_reason:
    • type: string
    • values: Account desactivated, etc.

Concretely, when you receive a response, you should always check the error value. It the value is 0, then there is no reason to check the error_code and error_reason values as it means there is no error at all.

If the error has 1 for value, then you should look to the error_code and/or error_reason values to know what happened.

The possible error_code/error_reason pair values are:
Error code Error reason
0 empty
1 User not authorized/recognized
2 Account desactivated
3 Error on login
4 Internal Error, no package found
5 SoapCall undefined or not saved
6 Exception intercepted when sending request
7 SoapCall undefined or not saved
8 No POST data found, aborted